Core Services

Pennington Biomedical’s cores provide full support for research studies and trials. Core services include highly specialized teams that support our sophisticated research infrastructure.

The Clinical Cores provide full support for clinical research studies and trials beginning with protocol development, IRB submission, and budgeting and contract assistance. Clinical services include participant recruitment, phlebotomy, biological specimen collection, processing and analysis, exercise testing, dietary assessment, and psychological assessment. The Center also offers both inpatient and outpatient options for trials performed here. Additional clinical services include preparation of meals by the metabolic kitchen, data collection and storage in medical records, medication preparation in the pharmacy, ingestive behavior assessments, imaging procedures using both MRI and DXA and assessments of metabolism in the metabolic chambers.

The Basic Science Cores provide researchers with access to cutting edge technology and very focused technical procedures to further their research interests. Basic services include microscopy and imaging of cells and tissues, cell culture facilities, comparative biology, animal metabolism and animal behavior, genomics, and transgenics.