Exercise Testing Core


Jennifer Rood

Jennifer Rood, PhD


The mission of this core is to provide accurate, precise, and reliable assessment of physiologic, cardiorespiratory, and muscular strength parameters of exercise performance. The primary aim of the Fitness Center is to provide accurate exercise monitoring for studies requiring specific exercise interventions and for the exercise portion of our Corporate Wellness Program for Pennington Biomedical employees.

About This Core

The Exercise Testing Core is equipped to perform electrocardiogram (ECG) monitored sub-maximal and maximal cardiovascular exercise performance testing and musculoskeletal strength and endurance assessments. The core includes two Parvomedics True One™ metabolic carts for the performance of metabolic testing (i.e. VO2), two Trackmaster treadmills TMX425C and a Lode Excalibur Sport™ bicycle ergometer. The Valiant Treadmill has a zero starting speed and acceleration capabilities ranging from 0.2 - 40 km/h (0.125-25Mph) and is capable of imposing both positive (+25%) and negative (-10%) inclines, while accommodating patients weight up to 340 kg (750 lbs). The Lode Excalibur Sport ergometer is capable of singular wattage increments ranging from 0-1000 W.  The Core has 2 ECG machines including a Quinton Q-Stress and newly acquired wireless Mortara X-Scribe system.

The core also includes a Biodex™ isokinetic strength dynamometer to perform constant velocity muscular strength and endurance testing. The Biodex system interfaces with computer microprocessors to measure torque, power, and endurance for resistance throughout a joint's range of motion (ROM) of most musculoskeletal joint areas. Resistance is provided using a servo-controlled mechanism and a user-defined constant velocity.