Comparative Biology


Kem Singletary, DVM






The Comparative Biology Core (CBC) seeks to advance innovative research, promote scientific discovery, and improve human health by supporting Pennington Biomedical scientists conducting basic and preclinical research in areas related to genetics, physiology, neuroscience, disease pathophysiology, nutrition, and metabolism.


About This Core

The Comparative Biology Core (CBC) provides veterinary expertise, animal care, and resources necessary for the maintenance and preservation of a high-quality animal research program as evidenced through continuous full accreditation by AAALAC International since 1993. The CBC operates and maintains a centralized animal care program which includes approximately 46,000 sqft of animal housing and support space.  Its support space also accommodates all metabolic and behavioral equipment utilized in the Animal Metabolic & Behavior Core as well as the Transgenic Core.  Some of the many services provided include administrative support for animal housing, animal procurement, conventional and barrier animal housing options, animal husbandry, veterinary medical care, technical support, surgical facilities, quarantine facilities, and procedural laboratories. The CBC is committed to the humane, ethical, and responsible use of animals in research and promotes the center’s research mission for the benefit of human and animal health.