Genetically Engineered Models Core


Robert Kesterson PhD

Robert Kesterson, PhD

Team Members

Kayla Fuselier, MS, PhD

Kayla Fuselier, MS, PhD

Estrellita Bermudez, BA, BS, MNS

Estrellita Bermudez, BA, BS, MNS

Bethani Bell, BS

Bethani Bell, BS

About This Core

The Genetically Engineered Models Core currently produces mice for faculty at Pennington Biomedical Research Center as well as investigators at other institutions. The Genetically Engineered Models Core utilizes pronuclear microinjection with CRISPR cas9 strategies and traditional embryonic stem cell technologies to control gene expression in mice.

The mission of the core is to offer a “turn-key service” for new animal models at PBRC that will allow for the controlled manipulation of gene expression (knock-in point mutations, knock-in of cre recombinase, knock-in of floxed transcriptional blockers, and knock-in of human cDNA, into homologous mouse genes etc) and facilitate investigators in understanding gene function. The core strives to provide services at prices that are below those that are commercially available.

When using Core resources for your research, please acknowledge the following NIH Center grants that fund the Core: COBRE P30-GM118430 - NORC P30 DK 072476.


Services Provided

Gene targeting consultation & design

  • Knockout (KO)/Knockin (KI) strategy design
  • Specialized projects
  • Conventional transgene techniques
  • CRISPR mediated techniques
  • AAV strategy design

Production of transgenic mice

  • Knockout (KO)
    — Conditional)
    — CRISPR mediated
  • Knockin (KI)
    — Reporter knockins (EGFP, Cre recombinase, etc)
    — Specialized projects (Point mutations, codon changes, etc.)
    — CRISPR mediated/ssDNA donor
  • Pronuclear or Cytosol Microinjection of Zygotes
  • Construction of targeting vectors
  • gRNA in vitro testing
  • Embryo Transfer Surgeries: Zygote-Blastocyst stages

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

  • Fresh or frozen sperm

Pathogen Free Rederivation of Mice and Rats

Cryopreservation and Recovery of Cryopreserved Embryos and Sperm

AAV Vector Construction




Robert Kesterson, PhD, Director

Kayla Fuselier, MS, PhD, Assistant Director
Gene targeting design, consultation, and production, transgenic animal techniques, services development, project management

Estrellita (Trellee) Bermudez, BA, BS, MNS, Research Associate
Wet bench work, Tissue culture, Lab management

Bethani Bell, BS, Research Associate
Transgenic animal techniques and Colony management

Pronuclear injection of mouse zygote

Pronuclear injection of mouse zygote,
photo credit M. Salbaum

Litter from recovered cryopreserved blastocysts

Litter from recovered cryopreserved blastocysts

Embryo transfer surgery

Embryo transfer surgery