Biostatistics & Analysis Core


  • William Johnson, Ph.D.
  • Robbie Beyl, Ph.D.
  • Jeffrey Burton, Ph.D.


The Pennington Biomedical Biostatistics Core is headed by William Johnson, Ph.D. This core resides in the Population Research programs at Pennington Biomedical, which is headed by Peter Katzmarzyk, Ph.D. In addition to Johnson and Katzmarzyk, there are two master level biostatisticians. Together, this team serves the research design and analysis needs for 85 faculty members at Pennington Biomedical. The Core is housed in the Population Research Building and there are spacious offices for faculty and adjacent cubicles for support personnel. The Core is equipped with Pentium computers and the E-mail and data transfer needs are supported by the PBRC Technology Services Group. The standard software used for statistical analysis is the most recent version of SAS, presently Version 9.1. Other software, such as spreadsheets and word processing packages, are used routinely. All computers used by statisticians are connected with the HP 990Cse color printer.

The Biostatistics Core seeks collaborations that lead to a smooth transition from hypothesis formulation to efficient research study design and execution through quality-controlled data management, statistical analysis and summary presentations. Our overarching goal is to provide state-of-the-art statistical techniques for the objective interpretation of research findings that are captured in the observed data.

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