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Robert Newton

Robert L. Newton Jr., PhD

Program Director, LAUNCHED

Director, Physical Activity & Ethnic Minority Health Laboratory

Robert L. Newton Jr., PhD is an Associate Professor and Director of the Physical Activity and Ethnic Minority Health Laboratory at Pennington Biomedical. His main research focus is on community-based health promotion in African American adults. As an underrepresented minority researcher, he has first-hand knowledge of what is needed to overcome barriers and successfully compete for grant funding at the K and R01 levels. Dr. Newton provides leadership for LAUNCHED and serves as the Administrative Program Director.

Peter Katzmarzyk

Peter T. Katzmarzyk, PhD

Program Director, LAUNCHED

Associate Executive Director of Population and Public Health Sciences
Marie Edana Corcoran Endowed Chair in Pediatric Obesity and Diabetes

Peter Katzmarzyk, PhD, FACSM, FAHA, FTOS is the Associate Executive Director for Population and Public Health Sciences at Pennington Biomedical. Dr. Katzmarzyk is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of physical activity and obesity research. He has over two decades of experience conducting clinical and population-based research in children and adults, particularly in underserved populations. Dr. Katzmarzyk provides senior leadership for LAUNCHED and serves as the Program Director.

Corby Martin

Corby Martin, PhD

Director, LAUNCHED Pilot and Feasibility Grant Program

Director, Ingestive Behavior, Weight Management & Health Promotion Laboratory

Martin has a long history of writing, administering, and reviewing grants and a successful history of mentoring postdoctoral fellows. Dr. Martin is responsible for the administration of the LAUNCHED P&F Grant program, including creating and distributing Requests for Applications, organizing peer-review of P&F applications, and P&F grant administration.

Ursula White

Ursula White, PhD

Director, LAUNCHED Peer Mentoring

Associate Professor
Clinical Science

Ursula White, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Science and Director of the Physiology of Human Adipose Tissue Laboratory at Pennington Biomedical. Her research studies how changes in energy balance, nutrition, and exercise impact fat tissue and obesity-related health outcomes. Dr. White currently serves as a mentor for URM undergraduates (LS-PAC MODELS, LSU) and the Early Career Scholar for the Trans-NORC DEI Executive Committee. Dr. White provides guidance, insight, and effective mentorship to the cohort scholars as the Director of Peer Mentoring for LAUNCHED.

Casie Lindsly

Casie Lindsly, PhD

Coordinator, LAUNCHED Training and Education

Scientific Education

Casie Lindsly, PhD is a Research Scientist in the Division of Scientific Education at Pennington Biomedical. She has several years of experience developing and implementing postdoctoral training programs and faculty enrichment activities. Dr. Lindsly coordinates the educational component of LAUNCHED, including providing support for the cohort members to participate in the established activities of Pennington Biomedical’s Division of Scientific Education, such as the visiting speaker series, graduate courses in nutrition, and training in ethics and the responsible conduct of research.

Robbie Beyl

Robbie Beyl, PhD

Associate Professor of Biostatistics

Robbie Beyl, PhD is an experienced biostatistician in the Pennington Biomedical Biostatistics and Data Management Core. Dr. Beyl leads the evaluation of the LAUNCHED program, and he ensures that data on all metrics are collected and appropriately analyzed.


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