• Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, 2001, Clinical Psychology
  • M.S., Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA, 1996, Clinical Psychology
  • B.A., Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA, 1994, Psychology

Research Interests

I direct the Ingestive Behavior, Weight Management, & Health Promotion Laboratory, as well as the Human Phenotyping Core of Pennington Biomedical’s NIH-funded Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC).

I regularly conduct studies that involve in depth phenotyping of human participants, and I have extensive experience conducting interventions to modify health behaviors and outcomes, including food intake, exercise, and body weight. My research also includes the application of technology to assess and modify participants’ behavior through mobile health (mHealth) interventions while participants live at home. I was part of a team that developed and validated mathematical models that predict body mass change over time in response to dieting and overfeeding, and we then applied these models to quantify adherence to energy intake prescriptions.

We incorporated this approach into clinic-based and mHealth weight management interventions, including SmartLoss®, a weight loss intervention that is remotely delivered via internet-connected devices (e.g., smartphones), and SmartMoms®, a weight management program to promote recommended levels of gestational weight gain among pregnant women. Our SmartLoss intervention was further adapted in a pragmatic trial to deliver effective weight loss treatment to patients with low health literacy in outpatient clinics throughout the State of Louisiana. Finally, I develop and validate novel methods to assess health behaviors, and these assessment platforms provide the basis for mHealth interventions. To assess food intake, I developed and validated the Remote Food Photography Method© (RFPM) and SmartIntake® smartphone app, which accurately measures the food intake of adults and children based on images of foods captured by participants. More recently, my colleagues and I developed the FoodImage™ app to measure household-level food waste, and the PortionSize™ app to automatically provide feedback to users about portion size, food intake, and dietary adherence in real time. Lastly, via a collaboration with colleagues from Virginia Commonwealth University and East Carolina University, we developed eCigTracker, a novel smartphone app that quantifies e-cigarette users’ device and liquid characteristics remotely and in real-time.

Department: Ingestive Behavior Laboratory

Selected Publications

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