Our Center is home to over 70 world-class researchers and specialists in neuroscience, stem cell biology, skeletal muscle biology, statistical genetics, diabetes, behavior modification, eating disorders and other areas. One of our most important goals is the recruitment of excellent, productive faculty. Our long-term goals can only be met with the dedication, insight and innovative research of a top-notch faculty leading a dynamic group of post-doctoral researchers. Click on a world-class scientist below to learn more about them.

Name Department
 Aggarwal, Sita William Hansel Cancer Prevention
 Apolzan, John Ingestive Behavior Laboratory
 Barnes, Maria Nutrition and Neural Signaling
 Berthoud, Hans-Rudolf Neurobiology and Nutrition I - Berthoud
 Beyl, Robbie Biostatistics
 Bouchard, Claude Human Genomics
 Brantley, Phillip Assoc Exec Dir for Education
 Braymer, Doug Dietary Obesity Laboratory
 Broyles, Stephanie Contextual Risk Factors
 Bruce-Keller, Annadora Neurodegeneration and Inflammation
 Burk, David Cell Biology, Imaging and Culture Core
 Burton, Jeffrey Biostatistics
 Carmichael, Owen Brain and Metabolism Imaging in Chronic Disease (BAMIC) Lab
 Cefalu, William Office of Executive Director, PBRC
 Champagne, Catherine Dietary Assessment and Nutrition Counseling
 Chang, Ji Suk Gene Regulation and Metabolism
 Church, Timothy Preventive Medicine Laboratory
 Collier, Jason Islet Cell Biology
 Durham, Holiday Diabetes and Nutrition
 Eilertsen, Kenneth Epigenetics and Nuclear Reprogramming
 Floyd, Elizabeth Ubiquitin Lab
 Geiselman, Paula Women's Health, Eating Behavior, and Smoking Cessation Progr
 Gettys, Thomas Nutrient Sensing and Adipocyte Signaling
 Greenway, Frank Outpatient Clinic Unit
 Hamilton, Marc Inactivity Physiology
 Hansel, William William Hansel Cancer Prevention
 Hermann, Gerlinda Autonomic Neurosciences- Hermann
 Heymsfield, Steven Metabolism - Body Composition
 Horswell, Ronald Health Care Quality Improvement Lab
 Hsia, Daniel Joint Diabetes Endocrinology and Metabolism Program
 Hu, Gang Chronic Disease Epidemiology
 Ingram, Donald Nutritional Neuroscience and Aging
 Johannsen, Darcy John S McIlhenny Skeletal Muscle Physiology
 Johnson, William Biostatistics
 Kappen, Claudia Developmental Biology
 Kastin, Abba Blood Brain Barrier II
 Katzmarzyk, Peter Assoc Exec Dir for Population and Public Health
 Keller, Jeffrey Institute for Dementia Research
 Kennedy, Betty Physical Activity Epidemiology
 Martin, Corby Ingestive Behavior Laboratory
 McDougal, David Neurobiology of Metabolic Dysfunction
 Morrison, Christopher Neurosignaling
 Muenzberg-Gruening, Heike Central Leptin Signaling
 Mynatt, Randall Transgenics Core
 Newton, Robert Physical Activity and Ethnic Minority Health
 Noland, Robert Skeletal Muscle Metabolism
 Pan, Weihong Sleep Lab
 Peterson, Courtney John S McIlhenny Skeletal Muscle Physiology
 Primeaux, Stefany Joint Diabetes Endocrinology and Metabolism Program
 Rankinen, Tuomo Human Genomics
 Ravussin, Eric Assoc Exec Dir for Clinical Science
 Redman, Leanne Reproductive Endocrinology and Women's Health Lab
 Richard, Allison Adipocyte Biology
 Richards (Smith), Brenda Genetics of Eating Behavior
 Rogers, Richard Autonomic Neuroscience - Rogers
 Rood, Jennifer Associate Executive Director for Core Services and Resources
 Roy, Heli Assoc Exec Dir for Education
 Salbaum, Michael Regulation of Gene Expression
 Sarzynski, Mark Human Genomics
 Singletary, Kem Comparative Biology Core
 Stadler, Krisztian Oxidative Stress and Disease
 Staiano, Amanda Pediatric Obesity and Health Behavior
 Stephens, Jacqueline Associate Executive Director for Basic Science
 Stewart, Tiffany Behavior Technology Laboratory:Eating Disorders and Obesity
 Stone, Kirsten Nutrient Sensing and Adipocyte Signaling
 Stull, April Diabetes and Nutrition
 Vandanmagsar, Bolormaa Transgenics Core
 Wanders, Desiree Nutritional Physiology Laboratory
 White, Ursula John S McIlhenny Skeletal Muscle Physiology
 Ye, Jianping Antioxidant and Gene Regulation Lab
 Zderic, Theodore Inactivity Physiology
 Zhang, Jingying Transgenics Core
 Zheng, Jolene Bioactive Screening Laboratory