Division of Scientific Education

The division’s overarching objective is to provide a framework of outreach activities that:

  • train the next generation of scientists
  • foster multidisciplinary scientific enrichment and collaboration
  • attract new investigators with relevant complementary expertise
  • provide a conduit between researchers and the lay community.

To achieve these programmatic objectives, we cater to four unique groups: faculty, postdoctoral fellows, students, and the lay community.

Below we describe the activities provided for each of these groups.


Scientific Training and Education

Pennington Biomedical has served as a premier training institution for more than 30 years.  Learn more about what the center offers in the way of seminars, courses and symposiums.

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Community Outreach and Events

Pennington Biomedical scientists share their  latest health discoveries with the general public through educational events, video recordings and presentations.    cand educational use.

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Community Health and Nutrition Resources

Find hundreds of free resources here for healthier living, based on our scientific research and expert insights.

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Student Training Opportunities

Pennington Biomedical is fully committed to training students in obesity and nutrition research endeavors.  Learn more about internship opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and medical students here.

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