Trainee and Internship Opportunities

Pennington Biomedical Research Center offers Non-Employee Training (NET) for college undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students, ages 18+, in order to facilitate opportunities to earn curriculum credit while learning about Pennington Biomedical research and methods first-hand. As the program’s title indicates, trainees are NOT employees of Pennington and are only here to train and learn, so their roles on campus are very limited in scope and duration. Trainee applicants must submit their applications by the add/drop date in the semester they are applying for. The add/drop date is based off the Louisiana State University academic calendar.

Non-employee Trainee Categories

Trainee 1:

Requirements ‐ Not required to be enrolled as students, but must receive some educational or professional development benefit as the primary reason for and focus of their activities. Trainee 1 is an unpaid training opportunity that is limited to shadowing/observation ONLY. These trainees do not earn curriculum/credit hours from their participation in this program. Training is limited to three months or one academic semester. Very limited mentor availability; less robust experience compared to Trainee 2.

Trainee 2:

Must meet one of the following requirements: 1) enrolled in an academic course which awards 1‐3 curriculum/credit hours for training that is relevant to the trainee’s academic degree and the primary reason for and focus of their training activities; or 2) the recipient of a training award, for which a stipend is received by the trainee, to participate in research training for a designated period of time; or 3) in pursuit of a professional license, curriculum, or program which requires a training rotation in order to obtain the practicum, medical practice, or dietetic licensure requirements. Training is limited to three months or one academic semester.

In addition to the regular program paperwork, Trainee 2 applicants will be required to provide one of the following: 1) proof of course enrollment for curriculum credit; or 2) proof of research training/grant award; or 3) proof of institutional MOU agreement for a practicum, medical, dietetic, or other professional rotation.

To learn about courses which offer curriculum credit for research training experience; or to inquire about short-term research training grants for students, please consult with your academic advisor to identify available options.

NET opportunities are open to any and all persons legally present in the United States who are legally eligible, without visa restrictions, to participate in the trainee program and who also meet the trainee program criteria, have a strong grade point average, and an interest level that is acceptable to participating mentors.

If you feel you qualify for the program and are interested in pursuing a trainee opportunity, please submit the NET General Interest Application. All questions about the NET program should be directed to

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LSU/Pennington Biomedical is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer