• PhD, Biostatistics, Louisiana State University Health Science Center, 2013
  • MS, Biostatistics, Louisiana State University Health Science Center, 2008
  • BS, Mathematics, Southeastern Louisiana University, 2006

Research Interests

Dr. Beyl’s interests are in statistical consulting and educating the research community on the importance of statistics, particularly post-doctoral researchers and junior faculty though LA CaTS. Dr. Beyl’s consulting focus is with public health related data, but he works with researchers across various fields. Statistical research interests include the development of statistical methods for the analysis of categorical data and the application of novel statistical techniques to the design, analysis and interpretation of data. Part of this research is in the area of test performance using accuracy of p-values.

Selected Publications

  1. Staiano AE, Marker AM, Beyl RA, Hsia DS, Katzmarzyk PT, Newton RL. A randomized controlled trial of dance exergaming for exercise training in overweight and obese adolescent girls. Pediatr Obes. 2016 Feb 26.
  2. White UA, Fitch MD, Beyl RA, Hellerstein MK, Ravussin E. Differences in in vivo cellular kinetics in abdominal and femoral subcutaneous adipose tissue in women. Diabetes. 2016 Mar 18.
  3. Johnson WD, Beyl RA, Burton JH, Johnson CM, Romer JE, Zhang L. Use of Pearson's Chi-Square for Testing Equality of Percentile Profiles across Multiple Populations. Open J Stat. 2015 Aug;5(5):412-420.