Institute for Dementia Research & Prevention (IDRP)


This Institute is currently involved in a wide range of studies aimed at understanding the causes of brain aging and identifying the basis by which aging promotes the development of dementia, focusing on lifestyle choices as modulators of cognition. Secondary emphasis is understanding the basis for frailty and falls in elderly with and without dementia.

About the Institute for Dementia Research and Prevention

A central focus of the Institute for Dementia Research and Prevention (IDRP) is obtaining information from our growing registry of over 1,600 individuals from Louisiana, aged 60 and over, who receive annual neurocognitive exams and a host of other evaluations focused on understanding the basis of brain aging and dementia. Studies use cutting-edge analysis in laboratory and free-living settings and will soon be incorporating neuroimaging. An increasing number of Pennington Biomedical faculty and faculty from institutions around the country are working with the IDRP to increase the impact of its efforts. This is accomplished by using our registry and existing data to secure more grants and publications in multiple areas of geriatric research.

In addition to these efforts, the IDRP conducts a variety of clinical trials focused on dementia treatment, participating in major pharmaceutical industry-sponsored trials as well as lifestyle interventions.

Those interested in learning more about any of these research efforts or who would like to participate are encouraged to contact the IDRP at 1-877-276-8306 or to e-mail for more details.

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The IDRP is supported by private philanthropy as well as a combination of National Institutes of Health, private foundation grants, and pharmaceutical industry sponsored studies.