About the MBD Center (COBRE)

The Metabolic Basis of Disease Center (MBDC) was developed to support early-career scientists as they study the metabolic networks that become dysregulated during the progression of various diseases including diabetes, obesity, preeclampsia, and anxiety.

Led by Jacqueline Stephens, PhD, the Metabolic Basis of Disease Center will increase the number of scientists whose research addresses important health challenges while enabling these young investigators to establish independent research programs with sustainable independent funding.

Learn more about the 2020 launch of the Metabolic Basis of Disease Center here.


All research studies conducted within the Metabolic Basis of Disease Center:

  • Enable the growth of young, knowledgeable faculty and expand our scientific infrastructure to promote biomedical research discoveries that will increase our understanding of the metabolic features of a variety of different diseases.
  • Discover the triggers of chronic diseases through innovative research that improves human health across the lifespan.
  • Focus on various aspects of metabolic diseases with the use of innovative methods.