MBDC Infrastructure

Unique Infrastructure

MBDC infrastructure graphic

The figure at left illustrates the integral and critical place of the new Metabolic Basis of Disease Center (labeled COBRE Phase 1) in the overall research portfolio that has allowed Pennington Biomedical to excel in the field of metabolism-associated disease research.

The Metabolic Basis of Disease Center will interact with other NIH-supported center grants at Pennington Biomedical including a Phase 3 center grant led by Dr. Thomas Gettys that supports scientific cores and provides pilot and feasibility (P&F) funding. In addition, Pennington Biomedical has a Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC) that not only supports cores but also provides P&F funding to our institution and other academic institutions in Louisiana.

The Louisiana Clinical and Translational Science (LA CaTS) Center is the Institutional Development Award Program Infrastructure for Clinical and Translational Research (IDeA-CTR) anchor program in Louisiana. It is a consortium of the major academic and biomedical research centers throughout the state creating a unified research infrastructure with an overall theme of addressing health disparities and improving health outcomes in our underserved population with chronic diseases. Pennington Biomedical also has an NIH-funded Botanical Research Center (BRC), in partnership with Rutgers University. This center supports research on various botanical extracts to promote metabolic resiliency.