William Hansel Visiting Scientist Speakers Series

Almost every Thursday, prominent scientists from national and international universities as well as governmental and industrial laboratories visit to share their scientific discoveries and collaborate with the Pennington Biomedical Community.  Topics and areas of research vary, but the majority relate to nutrition, obesity and metabolic health through the lifespan. 

Date Speaker  Area of Research Host(s) & Contact
March 25, 2021

rescheduled from Spring 2020


Sponsored by Pennington/Louisiana NORC

Carrie Ferrario, PhD

Associate Professor of Pharmacology

The University of Michigan Medical School 

Neurobiological mechanisms of obesity

Emily Qualls-Creekmore, PhD

Contact:  Laura Dallam

April 8, 2021







Laszlo Nagy, MD, PhD

Co-Director of the Institute for Fundamental Biomedical Research

Associate Director of the Center for Metabolic Origins of Disease, Professor, Medicine and Biological Chemistry

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Molecular and cellular interactions during muscle regeneration in health and disease





Elizabeth Floyd, PhD

Contact: Laura Dallam

April 15, 2021 

Ambra A. Pozzi, PhD

Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension

Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Role or arachidonic acid derived lipids in angiogenesis and tumorigenesis, tumors, integrins, growth factors, diabetes, metalloproteinases



Kris Stadler, PhD

Contact: Laura Dallam
April 22, 2021 No meeting: Pennington Biomedical Sicentific Symposium

April 29, 2021






Karyn Esser, PhD

Professor, Dept. of Physiology and Functional Genomics. Associate Director

Myology Institute, Gainesville, FL



Circadian rhythms, the molecular clock and skeletal muscle homeostasis





Eric Ravvusin, PhD

Gangarao Davuluri, PhD

Contact: Jacqueline Fox

May 13, 2021






Tracy Bale, PhD

Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Psychiatry

Director, Center for Epigenetic Research in Child Health and Brain Development

University of Maryland School of Medicine


Developing mouse models of stress sensitivity using genetic and prenatal manipulations to understand the mechanism and heritability for increased susceptibility to neurodevelopmental disorders




Emily Qualls-Creekmore, PhD

Contact: Laura Dallam