T-32 Faculty

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Research Interests

Annadora Bruce Keller, PhD Inflammation and immune response in metabolic syndrome
Phillip J. Brantley, PhD Bio-behavioral studies of obesity and diabetes
William Cefalu, MD Basic and clinical stuides of type 2 diabetes; botanical interventions
Catherine Champagne, PhD, RD Dietary counseling and dietary intake assessment
Elizabeth Floyd, PhD Protein turnover mediated by the ubiquitin-proteasome system and pathway
Thomas W. Gettys, PhD Central and peripheral signaling pathways in obese animals

Frank Greenway, MD

Developing medical foods for the treatment of obesity
Gerlinda Hermann, PhD Neuroimmune interactions in the hindbrain
Donald Ingram, PhD Nutritional and pharmacological interventions to slow agin
Jeffrey Keller, PhD Oxidative stress and protein turnover in aging and age-related diseases
Zhijun Liu, PhD Physiology of secondary metabolites and the study of medicine plants
Randall Mynatt,PhD Agouti protein and adipose tissue function
Ilya Raskin, PhD Plant based pharmaceuticals for metabolic disorder and inflammation
David Ribnicky, PhD Botanical therapeutics from hydroponically grown plants
Richard Rogers, PhD Cytokine regulation of autonomic metabolic regulation
Jacqueline Stephens, PhD Regulation of adipocyte genes expression
Jianping Ye, MD Inflammation in metabolic syndrome