Inactivity Physiology Laboratory



The goal of this laboratory is to eliminate the disease processes caused by sedentary living.


The research in this laboratory involves both basic and clinical science. Inactivity physiology, an emerging new area of medical research, is a novel way of thinking about the medical consequences of and the solutions for a “sedentary lifestyle.” The work often focuses on how “sitting too much” is distinct from “not exercising enough.” This area has promise for reversing the trends for chronic metabolic conditions caused by excessive physical inactivity. In the Inactivity Physiology Laboratory, we are translating our basic research findings in order to most efficiently identify the lifestyle changes that can best prevent the health hazards caused by inactivity in the workplace, schools, and other venues. One of the new concepts is that in contrast to traditional exercise recommendations that require taking time out of the day for exercise, it may be possible to simply replace sedentary time with very light physical activity without interrupting the normal day. This is exciting because health may be improved beyond the expected in the majority of people in our society who do not exercise.