Susan Burke, PhD

Assistant Professor - Research


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2009 - Ph.D. (Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics), University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
2004 - B.Sc. Hons (Biochemistry), University College Cork, Cork, Ireland


Current research in this laboratory is focused on three discrete but complementary paradigms: 1) insulin resistance of aging, 2) insulin resistance due to obesity, and 3) insulin resistance driven by glucocorticoid excess. We employ the use of genetic models, as well as a multitude of molecular techniques, to study inflammation, lipid storage and substrate metabolism in vivo and ex vivo with a focus on the pancreatic islets.


Complete List of Published Work in MyBibliography:

2020 J. Jason Collier, Heidi M. Batdorf, Tamra M. Mendoza, Thomas M. Martin, Jingying Zhang, Randall L. Mynatt, and Susan J. Burke. Hepatic IKK epsilon expression is dispensable for high-fat feeding-induced increases in liver lipid content and alterations in glucose tolerance. American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism. Jan 1;318(1):E11-E21.

2019 Susan J. Burke, Heidi M. Batdorf, Tai-Yu Huang, Joseph W. Jackson, Katarina A. Jones, Thomas M. Martin, Kristin E. Rohli, Michael D. Karlstad, Tim E. Sparer, David H. Burk, Shawn R. Campagna, Robert C. Noland, Paul L. Soto, and J. Jason Collier. One week of continuous corticosterone exposure impairs hepatic metabolic flexibility, promotes islet beta-cell proliferation, and reduces physical activity in male C57BL/6J mice. J. Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol. Dec;195:105468.

2018 Susan J. Burke, Heidi M. Batdorf, David H. Burk, Thomas M. Martin, Tamra Mendoza, Krisztian Stadler, Wateem Alami, Michael D. Karlstad, Matthew J. Robson, Randy D. Blakely, Randall L. Mynatt, and J. Jason Collier. Pancreatic Deletion of the Interleukin-1 Receptor Disrupts Whole Body Glucose Homeostasis and Promotes Islet ß-cell De-differentiation. Molecular Metabolism. Aug (14): 95-107.

2018 Susan J. Burke, Heidi M. Batdorf, Thomas M. Martin, David H. Burk, Robert C. Noland, Christopher R. Cooley, Michael D. Karlstad, William D. Johnson, and J. Jason Collier. Liquid Sucrose Consumption Promotes Obesity and Impairs Glucose Tolerance without Altering Circulating Insulin Levels. Obesity. Jul; 26(7):1188-1196.

2017 Susan J. Burke, Heidi M. Batdorf, David H. Burk, Robert C. Noland, Adrianna E. Eder, Matthew S. Boulos, Michael D. Karlstad, and J. Jason Collier. db/db Mice Exhibit Features of Human Type 2 Diabetes that are Not Present in Weight matched C57BL/6J mice fed a Western Diet. Journal of Diabetes Research. 2017:8503754.

2017 J. Jason Collier, Tim E. Sparer, Michael D. Karlstad and Susan J. Burke. Pancreatic Islet Inflammation: An Emerging Role for Chemokines. Journal of Molecular Endocrinology. Jul;59(1):R33-R46.

2017 Susan J. Burke, Heidi M. Batdorf, Adrianna E. Eder, Michael D. Karlstad, David H. Burk, Robert C. Noland, Z. Elizabeth Floyd and J. Jason Collier. Oral Corticosterone Administration Reduces Insulitis but Promotes Insulin Resistance and Hyperglycemia in Male Non-obese Diabetic Mice. American Journal of Pathology. Mar;187(3):614-626.

2016 Susan J. Burke, Michael D. Karlstad, Adrianna E. Eder, Kellie M. Regal, Danhong Lu, David H. Burk, and J. Jason Collier. Pancreatic ß-Cell production of CXCR3 ligands precedes diabetes onset. BioFactors, 42: 703–715.

2016 Thomas Laeger, Diana C. Albarado, Susan J. Burke, Lexus Trosclair, John Hedgepeth, Hans-Rudolf Berthoud, Thomas W. Gettys, J. Jason Collier, Heike Münzberg, and Christopher D. Morrison. Metabolic responses to dietary protein restriction require an increase in FGF21 that is delayed by the absence of GCN2. Cell Reports, Jul 19;16(3): 707-16.

2016 Susan J. Burke, Michael D. Karlstad, and J. Jason Collier. Pancreatic Islet Responses to Metabolic Trauma. Shock. Sep;46(3):230-238. Featured on the Journal Cover.

2015 Susan J. Burke, Krisztian Stadler, Danhong Lu, Evanna Gleason, Anna Han, Dallas R. Donohoe, Richard C.Rogers, Gerlinda E. Hermann, Michael D. Karlstad, and J. Jason Collier. IL-1 Reciprocally Regulates Chemokine and Insulin Secretion in Pancreatic beta-cells via NF-kB. American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism. Oct. 15; 309 (8): E715-26.

2015 Susan J. Burke and J. Jason Collier. Transcriptional Regulation of Chemokine Genes: A Link to Pancreatic Islet Inflammation? INVITED MINIREVIEW. SPECIAL ISSUE: TRANSCRIPTIONAL REGULATION OF PRO-INFLAMMATORY GENES. Biomolecules 5; 1020-1034.

2015 Susan J. Burke, Michael D. Karlstad, Kellie M. Regal, Tim E. Sparer, Danhong Lu, Carrie M. Elks, Ryan W. Grant, Jacqueline M. Stephens, David H. Burk and J. Jason Collier. CCL20 is elevated during obesity and differentially regulated by NF-kB subunits in pancreatic beta-cells. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – Gene Regulatory Mechanisms Apr 13; 1849(6):637-652.

2015 Susan J. Burke, Amanda L. May, Robert C. Noland, Danhong Lu, Marcela Brissova, Alvin C. Powers, Elizabeth M. Sherrill, Michael D. Karlstad, Shawn R. Campagna, Jacqueline M. Stephens, and J. Jason Collier. Thiobenzothiazole-modified Hydrocortisones Display Anti-inflammatory Activity with Reduced Impact on Islet beta-cell Function. Journal of Biological Chemistry May 22; 290(21):13401-13416.
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