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Our YouTube channel features almost 500 videos of health and wellness content that aims to improve your understanding of chronic diseases and how to avoid their harmful impacts on your life.    See a few selected playlists below or visit our YouTube Channel for the full list of videos including: 

  • Scientists Explainers: Obesity, Intermittent Fasting, the DASH Diet
  • Conference Videos
  • Healthy Recipes and Cooking Demonstrations
  • Effective Exercise Routines for all Ages

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Alzheimer's disease & Dementia including conference videos

16 videos including "How to participate in Alzheimer's prevention research" and "What is dementia and what causes it?" 

YouTube Playlist
Alzheimer's Videos
Botanicals Youtube Preview

Botanicals Research

8 videos including "Hemp: Can It Help, Is it Hype, Can it Hurt" and "The Importance of Louisiana Plants in Medicine."

YouTube Playlist

Children's Health

20 videos including "Staying Healthy at HOme: 6 Kid-Approved Tips" and "INactive Kids: Are TVs in Kids Bedrooms Making Kids Fat?"

YouTube Playlist
Childrens Health YouTube video
Science Explainers Diabetes

Science Explainer: Diabetes

16 videos including "How Does Type 2 Diabetes Work?" and "Type 2 Diabetes 101." 

YouTube Playlist

Healthy Recipes and Cooking Demonstrations

14  videos including Dr. Donna Ryan's Redbeans and Rice recipe and the popular "Veggie Pasta Salad" and "Cookie Dough Smoothie"  Recipes

YouTube Playlist
Health Recipes and Cooking Demonstrations
Hyperphasia Conference Youtube Thumbnail

Hyperphagia Conference

8 videos including "Addictive Behavior and Hyperphagia" and "Prader-Willi Syndrome" 

YouTube Playlist

Men's Health Conference videos

70 videos from 12 years of Men's Health conference presentations from "Urology, Top 5 Male Urology Problems" to "Injuries of the Weekend Warriors

YouTube Playlist
Mens Health YouTube Play List
YouTube Playlist Icon for Parkinsons

Parkinson's Conference Videos

38 videos including "Don't Self-Diagnose" and "Newly Approved FDA Medications"

YouTube Playlist

Physical Activity & Health: Work out with our Researchers

20 videos that include workouts demonstrated by our scientists such as "10 Moves. 10 Minutes. HITT and done!" to "Pull Up Bar Workout at Home with Dr. Nicole Fearnbach and "Stretching with Nolynn." 

YouTube Playlist
YouTube Playlist Icon for Physical Activity
YouTube Playlist Icon for Womens Wellness

Wellness Day for Women videos

72 videos from over 10 years of Women's Wellness Conferene presentations.

YouTube Playlist


TedXLSU Video Replays



Dr. Owen Carmichael: The Resistant Brain: Nourishing our Bodies against Alzheimer’s @ TEDxLSU
JANUARY 20, 2016


Dr. Tiffany Stewart:  The Body Revolution We Need @ TEDxLSU
June, 2017