• Diploma, Phillips University, Marburg, Germany
  • Ph.D., University Hospital Hamburg and University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany (Biology)
  • Postdoctoral Training, Harvard University/BIDMC, Boston, USA

Research Interests

Dissection of neuronal circuits (CNS and peripheral nervous system) that are involved in the physiological adaptation of energy expenditure and food intake (e.g. temperature and energy sensing).

Integration of exteroceptive and interoceptive signals (e.g. cold, diet, fasting, leptin, norepinephrine) to adapt energy expenditure and food intake in response to physiological challenges.

Role of leptin in the homeostatic regulation of energy expenditure and food intake.

We use a variety of molecular genetic and viral approaches (in vivo chemogenetics, optogenetics, fiber photometry) to dissect central or peripheral neuronal circuits that are involved in energy expenditure and food intake adaptation.

We use whole body and whole spinal cord iDISCO staining and tissue clearing to visualize central (hypothalamic) and peripheral circuits (sympathetic pre- and postganglionic neurons) using light sheet and confocal microscopy of large specimen.

Department: Central Leptin Signaling


Selected Publications

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A full list of Dr. Muenzberg-Gruening's publications is also available here.