• PhD, Central Drug Research Institute, University of Lucknow, Lucknow, India, 2003, Botany/Molecular Biology
  • MSc, Botany, University of Delhi, Delhi, India, 1998
  • BSc, Botany, University of Delhi, Delhi, India, 1996

Research Interests

Dr. Singh has a broad interest in obesity and obesity-related disorders with a primary focus on mechanistic role of adipose tissue, adipokines, sleep, and sleep disorders to the development of hypertension, insulin-resistance, and cardiovascular diseases. She leads a hypothesis-driven translational research program which utilizes unique in-vitro models and tissue samples from well characterized, comprehensive, cross-sectional, and longitudinal human studies. At Pennington Biomedical, she is building a sleep centered translational research program which leverages the strengths of the institute in conducting comprehensive long-term behavioral and drug based interventional clinical trials. Her current studies seek to explore: 1) the role of sleep disorders on adipose tissue function and identify clinical strategies which may improve metabolic outcomes in patients with sleep apnea; 2) the mechanisms/strategies which may be used to alter cellular leptin actions to improve cardiometabolic profile in obesity; and 3) the role of miRNA in potentiating visceral fat gain during overfeeding and sleep deprivation.

Importantly, Dr. Singh has a strong interest in mentoring the next-generation of researchers. Over the last 10 years, she has effectively mentored research of more than 15 students of whom 3 were awarded postdoctoral grant award from American Heart Association and 2 were awarded summer research fellowship from The American Physiological Society. Several of her previous students are still perusing research/clinical training. Notably, she has a strong history of advising students and trainees from diverse backgrounds.

Selected Publications

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