Vance L. Albaugh, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Metabolic Surgery
Assistant Professor

  • Metabolic Surgery Lab
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BS, Biology, Coastal Carolina University, 2003
PhD, Physiology, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, 2009
MD, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, 2011

Residency, General Surgery, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, 2011-2019
Postdoctoral Research Training, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, 2014-2017
Postdoctoral Clinical Training, Advanced Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, 2019-2020


Dr. Albaugh is a physician-scientist with an active research program and clinical practice in metabolic and bariatric surgery. His major research interests are clinical and pre-clinical models of obesity and diabetes, as well as the mechanisms underlying the metabolic effects of surgical weight loss, bile acid metabolism, and the role of the gastrointestinal tract as an endocrine organ and metabolic regulator. Clinically, Dr. Albaugh is also particularly interested in preoperative identification of responders/non-responders to metabolic surgery and optimizing weight loss and other clinical metabolic benefits.


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Reddy IA, Erreger K, Ghose D, Saunders C, Turner BD, Poe A, Albaugh VL, Hackett TA, Grueter BA, Abumrad NN, Flynn CR, Galli A. Bile Diversion, a bariatric surgery, reduces central cocaine reward through altering circulating bile acids. PLoS Biology 2018; 16(7):e2006682 (PMID: 30048457).

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