Heike Muenzberg-Gruening, Ph.D.



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Diploma, Phillips University, Marburg, Germany
Ph.D., University Hospital Hamburg and Universtiy Hospital Heidelberg, Germany (Biology)
Postdoctoral Training, Harvard University/BIDMC, Boston, USA


Dissection of neuronal circuits that are involved in thermoregulatory leptin action to regulate energy expenditure and obesity.
Integration of diverse sensory inputs (e.g. cold, diet, reproductive hormones) to appropriate thermoregulatory output (energy expenditure).

Dissection of neuronal circuits that control nutrient reward and preference.

Role of galanin and leptin in nutrient reward and preference.

Pharmacogenetic and Optogenetic dissection of neuronal circuits for complex behavior (energy expenditure, nutrient reward/preference).

Optogenetic circuit mapping.


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