Amanda Staiano, PhD

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Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, Georgetown University, 2010
Master of Science in Clinical Research, Tulane University, 2017
Master of Public Policy, McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University, 2009
Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Louisiana State University, 2007


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Dr. Staiano is a developmental psychologist in pediatric obesity with an interest in technology-mediated physical activity interventions and the integration of these technologies into the behavioral treatment of childhood obesity. Her research has examined how technological devices like exergames (i.e. activity-promoting video games) and mobile apps affect youths’ adiposity, physical activity, and eating behaviors. She has led multiple scientific investigations of adolescents’ use of exergames, including the “Wii Active” study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which was a 20-week school-based exergame intervention for overweight and obese African American adolescents; the “Klub Kinect” project to demonstrate the feasibility and efficacy of conducting a 12-week exergaming physical activity intervention for weight loss among overweight and obese adolescent girls; and "GameSquad," a 6-month home-based gaming intervention for children aged 10 to 12 years, funded by the American Heart Association.

Drawing from her public policy training, Dr. Staiano participates in scientific advocacy at the national, state, and local level.


For a complete list of Dr. Staiano’s publications:

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