Stefany D. Primeaux, PhD

Assistant Professor

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(225) 763-2525
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Louisiana State University, Psychology, B.S. 1994
Southeastern Louisiana University, Psychology, M.A. 1996
University of Georgia, Psychology, Ph.D., 2000


•Regulation of feeding behavior and food preferences by taste-related mechanisms
•Genetic polymorphisms that regulate taste and food preferences
•Animal models that differ in their susceptibility to develop obesity
•Role of alcohol consumption on diet quality, dietary intake and food preferences
•Effects exercise on metabolic comorbidities in HIV+ individuals with at-risk alcohol use


Schreiber, A., Braymer, H.D., & Primeaux, S.D. (epub August 7, 2020). Transection of gustatory nerves differentially affects dietary fat intake in obesity-prone and obesity-resistant rats. Chemical Senses.

Gaudet, D.A., El-Desoky, D., Poret, J.M., Braymer, H.D., & Primeaux, S.D. (epub Oct 18, 2019) Expression of neural markers of gustatory signaling are differentially altered by continuous and intermittent feeding patterns. Physiology & Behavior.

Simon, L., Ferguson, T., Vande Stouwe, C., Brashear, M., Primeaux, S.D., Theall, K.P., Welsh, D.A., & Molina, P.E. (epub May 25, 2020) Prevalence of insulin resistance in adults living with HIV: implications of alcohol use. AIDS Research Human Retroviruses.

Poret, J.M., Battle, C., Mouton, A.J., Gaudet, D.A., Souza-Smith, F., Gardner, J.D., Braymer, H.D., Harrison-Bernard, L., & Primeaux, S.D. (2019, epub March 11, 2019). The prevalence of cardio-metabolic risk factors is differentially elevated in obesity-prone Osborne-Mendel and obesity-resistant S5B/Pl rats. Life Sciences, 223, 95-101. PMCID:PMC6461046 ^ top