Investigator and Research Staff Guidance

Investigator Concerns:
The IRB is available to address questions and concerns. Please contact the IRB office at 225-763-2693 or to set up an appointment.

Guidance for Regulatory Binder- Single IRB Requirements

Guidance on Requirements of a Medical Investigator (PBRC Policy 381.00)

Guidance on IRB Requirements for Multiple PIs
This guidance document helps answer questions regarding IRB submission requirements for Co-PIs on grants.

Guidance on Determining Which Activities Require IRB Review
This guidance document assists Pennington Biomedical investigators with determining which activities require IRB review.
OHRP Decision Charts on Human Research Determination and IRB Exemptions

Guidance on Data Safety Monitoring Plans/Boards

Guidance on Conducting Research in Schools
This document provides information and guidance for researchers and IRBs on Research Funded by the Department of Education and/or institutions receiving Department of Education funds.

Guidance for Blood Drawing Limits for Research

School Recruitment Tracking Spreadsheet Template
Template provided for use. Format is not required.

Social Media & Research

Guidance for Advertisements