All submissions to the IRB must be done electronically through IRBManager.  



IRBManager Login Page

The client code to log in is PBRC

To request user access to IRBManager, please complete the following form:

IRBManager User Agreement Form

(Must be completed before access to IRBManager will be granted)


The following consent templates must be used when submitting an initial IRB submission to Pennington Biomedical Research Center IRB:


*For extra help with informed consent language/readability, go to Resources and Links.


Key Information Consent (Part IA) for Adults *NEW


Informed Consent (Part IB) for Adults *NEW


Key Information Consent (Part IA) for Minors *NEW


Informed Consent (Part IB) for Minors *NEW


Informed Consent for Age of MajorityConsent template for continued participation when a minor turns 18 during a study


HIPAA Authorization Form

Notice of Privacy Practices for Protected Health Information

Assent Form

Verbal Assent

Study Procedures with Associated Risks (v. 01/10/18) *NEW Institution approved procedure description language & procedure risk language for the consent form.

Protocol Template   For guidance purposes; Template format not required.

Facility Template (Letter of support for the proposed research project)

Letter to Sponsors on PBRC policy on Unanticipated Problem Reporting

Conflict of Interest Form   Completed Annually by PBRC Adjunct Faculty and External Investigators.

Individual Investigator Agreement Template

Minor Deviation Log   Sample Template provided for use. Template format is not required.


Dietary Supplement Checklist