Customer Experience Hub

The ARPA-H Customer Experience Hub forms part of ARPANET-H, a nationwide health innovation network and is dedicated to the needs of people: listening to, learning from, and building trust with communities to enable access to critical health innovations for all Americans. This network will take a human-centered approach to design products and services that people enthusiastically adopt. In doing so, the ARPA-H Customer Experience Hub will drive user testing, adoption, and end-user access for ARPA-H projects by incorporating end-user considerations at all stages of research and development, reaching diverse and representative patient populations, and capturing insights as public goods for future use.

The Customer Experience Hub:

  • Ensures the active transition of health innovation in an expedient, safe, cost-effective, accessible and sustainable manner that reaches all Americans, with a focus on traditionally underrepresented populations.
  • Aims to connect local, regional, and national efforts to improve health outcomes and truly transform important areas of medicine and health. 
  • Integrates patient feedback throughout the research and development process with the goal of ensuring that innovations will be widely adopted to effectively meet patients’ needs.
  • Includes 348 members, and Pennington Biomedical is among the first from Louisiana, along with LSU Health New Orleans and Shreveport.