• Louisiana State University, Psychology, B.S. 1994
  • Southeastern Louisiana University, Psychology, M.A. 1996
  • University of Georgia, Psychology, Ph.D., 2000

Research Interests

  • Regulation of feeding behavior and food preferences by taste-related mechanisms
  • Genetic polymorphisms that regulate taste and food preferences
  • Animal models that differ in their susceptibility to develop obesity
  • Role of alcohol consumption on diet quality, dietary intake and food preferences
  • Effects exercise on metabolic comorbidities in HIV+ individuals with at-risk alcohol use

Selected Publications

  1. Schreiber, A., Braymer, H.D., & Primeaux, S.D. (epub August 7, 2020). Transection of gustatory nerves differentially affects dietary fat intake in obesity-prone and obesity-resistant rats. Chemical Senses.
  2. Gaudet, D.A., El-Desoky, D., Poret, J.M., Braymer, H.D., & Primeaux, S.D. (epub Oct 18, 2019) Expression of neural markers of gustatory signaling are differentially altered by continuous and intermittent feeding patterns. Physiology & Behavior.
  3. Simon, L., Ferguson, T., Vande Stouwe, C., Brashear, M., Primeaux, S.D., Theall, K.P., Welsh, D.A., & Molina, P.E. (epub May 25, 2020) Prevalence of insulin resistance in adults living with HIV: implications of alcohol use. AIDS Research Human Retroviruses.
  4. Poret, J.M., Battle, C., Mouton, A.J., Gaudet, D.A., Souza-Smith, F., Gardner, J.D., Braymer, H.D., Harrison-Bernard, L., & Primeaux, S.D. (2019, epub March 11, 2019). The prevalence of cardio-metabolic risk factors is differentially elevated in obesity-prone Osborne-Mendel and obesity-resistant S5B/Pl rats. Life Sciences, 223, 95-101. PMCID:PMC6461046