The calculator calculates the roundness of your body shape from your height and body circumference. A graph of body shape (black) resulting from user input is shown along a reference healthy body shape range (shaded green) for personalized health assessment.  Predictions of total percent body fat and visceral adipose tissue (commonly referred to as belly fat) are also provided by this calculator.

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After user input of information required for model simulation, the calculator outputs a graph of body shape (black oval) with a reference healthy zone (green).  The calculator returns the user’s body roundness index, which is a number ranging from 1 (long lean body shape) to over 16 (round more circular body shape). The calculator also estimates total percent body fat and total visceral adipose tissue (commonly referred to as belly fat) using a model that includes the inputs of age, height, race, gender, weight, and circumferences.  A labeled description of the applet appears in the screen shot below.  For more information on how the models were developed and technical definitions, please select the “About the model” tab at the top of the calculator.  We have also compiled a list of common questions associated with the calculator under the FAQ tab at the top of the calculator.

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The java applet was made by Carl Bredlau.