May 2023 Publications

May 31,  2023

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BATON ROUGE – The following are recent publications by the researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. 

May 1

Plasma Proteomic Risk Markers of Incident Type 2 Diabetes Reflect Physiologically Distinct Components of Glucose-Insulin Homeostasis.
Cronjé HT, Mi MY, Austin TR, Biggs ML, Siscovick DS, Lemaitre RN, Psaty BM, Tracy RP, Djoussé L, Kizer JR, Ix JH, Rao P, Robbins JM, Barber JL, Sarzynski MA, Clish CB, Bouchard C, Mukamal KJ, Gerszten RE, Jensen MK

The Impact of Reimbursement for Non-Face-to-Face Chronic Care Management on Health Utilization Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes in Louisiana.
Shao Y, Stoecker C, Hong D, Nauman E, Fonseca V, Hu G, Bazzano AN, Kabagambe EK, Shi L.
Value Health

Higher glucose fluctuation is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease: Insights from pooled results among patients with diabetes
Feng Li, Lei Zhang, Yun Shen, Huan‐Huan Liu, Zhen‐Ye Zhang, Gang Hu, Ru‐Xing Wang
J Diabetes

Effect of sleep restriction on insulin sensitivity and energy metabolism in postmenopausal women: A randomized crossover trial.
Singh P, Beyl RA, Stephens JM, Noland RC, Richard AJ, Boudreau A, Hebert RC, Ravussin E, Broussard JL, St-Onge MP, Marlatt KL.
Obesity (Silver Spring)
Are methods of estimating fat-free mass loss with energy-restricted diets accurate?
Heymsfield SB, Ludwig DS, Wong JMW, McCarthy C, Heo M, Shepherd J, Ebbeling CB.
Eur J Clin Nutr

Learning about Our Vices from Devices: A Model of Individual Learning with an Application to Consumer Food Waste.
Qi D, Roe BE, Apolzan JW, Martin CK.
J Agric Resour Econ

May 3

Vitamin D and Osteogenesis Imperfecta in Pediatrics.
Coccia F, Pietrobelli A, Zoller T, Guzzo A, Cavarzere P, Fassio A, Flodmark CE, Gatti D, Antoniazzi F
Pharmaceuticals (Basel)

Orlistat mouth rinse: Using the tongue to deliver antiobesity medication in a double-blind randomized crossover pilot trial.
Primeaux SD, Dubin R, Greenway FL
Diabetes Obes Metab

May 4

Metabolic and bariatric surgery and obesity pharmacotherapy for cancer prevention: current status and future possibilities.
Playdon MC, Hardikar S, Karra P, Hoobler R, Ibele AR, Cook KL, Kumar A, Ippolito JE, Brown JC.
J Natl Cancer Inst Monogr

Pharmacokinetics of cancer therapeutics and energy balance: the role of diet intake, energy expenditure, and body composition.
Purcell SA, Kok DE, Ketterl T, Garcia MB, Joffe L, Brown JC, Dieli-Conwright CM, Williams GR.
J Natl Cancer Inst Monogr


May 8

Inverse association between apolipoprotein C-II and cardiovascular mortality: role of lipoprotein lipase activity modulation.
Silbernagel G, Chen YQ, Rief M, Kleber ME, Hoffmann MM, Stojakovic T, Stang A, Sarzynski MA, Bouchard C, März W, Qian YW, Scharnagl H, Konrad RJ
Eur Heart J


May 10

Translating digital anthropometry measurements obtained from different 3D body image scanners.
Ashby N, Jake LaPorte G, Richardson D, Scioletti M, Heymsfield SB, Shepherd JA, McGurk M, Bustillos B, Gist N, Thomas DM.
Eur J Clin Nutr

Beyond BMI.
Bray GA.

May 11

Body weight and fat trajectories of Black and White women in the first postpartum year.
Wang X, Kishman EE, Liu J, Castleberry LA, McLain A, Sparks JR, Cook JW.
Obesity (Silver Spring)


May 15

Higher glucose fluctuation is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease: Insights from pooled results among patients with diabetes.
Li F, Zhang L, Shen Y, Liu HH, Zhang ZY, Hu G, Wang RX.


May 17

Association of Type 2 Diabetes Subgroups With Cognitive Status Without Modification From Lifestyle Intervention.
Bancks MP, Lovato J, Balasubramanyam A, Coday M, Johnson KC, Munshi M, Rebello C, Wagenknecht LE, Espeland MA.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab

May 19

Midlife Neuropsychological Profiles and Associated Vascular Risk: The Bogalusa Heart Study.
De Anda-Duran I, Kolachalama VB, Carmichael OT, Hwang PH, Fernandez C, Au R, Bazzano LA, Libon DJ.
J Alzheime’s Dis
New-Onset Diabetes after COVID-19.
Kim SH, Arora I, Hsia DS, Knowler WC, LeBlanc E, Mylonakis E, Pratley R, Pittas AG.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab

May 22, 2023

Editorial: Stress-induced weight changes.
Heshmati HM, Luzi L, Greenway FL, Rebello CJ
Front Endocrinol (Lausanne).

May 23

Obesogens and Obesity: State-of-the-Science and Future Directions Summary from a HEEDS Workshop.
Heindel JJ, Alvarez JA, Atlas E, Cave MC, Chatzi VL, Collier D, Corkey B, Fischer D, Goran MI, Howard S, Kahan S, Kayhoe M, Koliwad S, Kotz CM, La Merrill M, Lobstein T, Lumeng C, Ludwig DS, Lustig RH, Myers P, Nadal A, Trasande L, Redman LM, Rodeheffer MS, Sargis RM, Stephens JM, Ziegler TR, Blumberg B.
Am J Clin Nutr
Global rural health disparities in Alzheimer's disease and related dementias: State of the science.
Wiese LAK, Gibson A, Guest MA, Nelson AR, Weaver R, Gupta A, Carmichael O, Lewis JP, Lindauer A, Loi S, Peterson R, Radford K, Rhodus EK, Wong CG, Zuelsdorff M, Saidi LG, Valdivieso-Mora E, Franzen S, Pope CN, Killian TS, Shrestha HL, Heyn PC, Ng TKS, Prusaczyk B, John S, Kulshreshtha A, Sheffler JL, Besser L, Daniel V, Tolea MI, Miller J, Musyimi C, Corkey J, Yank V, Williams CL, Rahemi Z, Park J, Magzamen S, Newton RL Jr, Harrington C, Flatt JD, Arora S, Walter S, Griffin P, Babulal GM.
Alzheimers Dement.

May 24

GDF15 Mediates the Effect of Skeletal Muscle Contraction on Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Secretion.
Zhang H, Mulya A, Nieuwoudt S, Vandanmagsar B, McDowell R, Heintz EC, Zunica ERM, Collier JJ, Bozadjieva-Kramer N, Seeley RJ, Axelrod CL, Kirwan JP

May 25

Lyophilized liposomal formulation of a peptidomimetic-Dox conjugate for HER2 positive breast and lung cancer.
Sonju JJ, Shrestha P, Dahal A, Gu X, Johnson WD, Zhang D, Muthumula CMR, Meyer SA, Mattheolabakis G, Jois SD
Int J Pharm


May 26

A feasibility study of the combination of intranasal insulin with dulaglutide for cognition in older adults with metabolic syndrome at high dementia risk- Study rationale and design.
Davidy T, Yore I, Cukierman-Yaffe T, Ravona-Springer R, Livny A, Lesman-Segev OH, Azuri Y, Carmichael O, Kapogiannis D, Zetterberg H, Lin H, Sano M, Beeri MS.
Mech Ageing Dev.

May 29

Harmonized Multisite MRI-Based Quantification of Human Liver Fat and Stiffness: A Pilot Study.
Carmichael OT, Singh M, Bashir A, Russell AM, Bolding M, Redden DT, Storrs J, Willoughby WR, Howard-Claudio C, Hsia DS, Kimberly RP, Gray ME, Ravussin E, Denney TS.
M Magn Reason Imaging


May 30

An Artemisia scoparia extract attenuates glucocorticoid-induced lipolysis in adipocytes.
Harvey I, Stephens JM.
Obesity (Silver Spring)

Clinician resistance to broaching the topic of weight in primary care: Digging deeper into weight management using strong structuration theory.
Hajizadeh A, Heath L, Ahmad A, Kebbe M, Jebb SA, Aveyard P, Hughes G.


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The research enterprise at Pennington Biomedical includes over 480 employees within a network of 40 clinics and research laboratories, and 13 highly specialized core service facilities. Its scientists and physician/scientists are supported by research trainees, lab technicians, nurses, dietitians, and other support personnel. Pennington Biomedical a state-of-the-art research facility on a 222-acre campus in Baton Rouge.

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