Pennington Biomedical Looking for Individuals Living with HIV for a Health Behavior Study

March 3, 2023

For more information, contact Ernie Ballard,, 225-263-2677

BATON ROUGE – The Pennington Biomedical Research Center is looking for individuals living with HIV to participate in the HBS research study. The purpose of the HBS research study is to learn more about health behaviors in people living with HIV.

HBS study participants will visit the Pennington Biomedical Outpatient Clinic for one study visit. Once enrolled, participants will complete several questionnaires and 7- day activity monitoring. Interested and eligible participants will also be invited to participate in the ancillary study assessments.

“The long term goal of this research is to mitigate the disparities in adverse health behaviors in order to reduce comorbidities and poor health outcomes,” said Dr. John Apolzan, Associate Professor-Research in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.

To qualify for this research study, participants should be18 years of age or older and have a documented HIV-infection and in care at an HIV specialty clinic. Participants will be compensated up to $100 for the completion of this study.

“At Pennington Biomedical our mission is to discover triggers of chronic disease through innovative research that improves human health across the lifespan,” said Dr. John Kirwan, Executive Director of Pennington Biomedical. “While a majority of our research focuses on causes of things like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and dementia, it’s also important for us to work toward ways to help improve health outcomes for individuals with other chronic immune system diseases like HIV or AIDS.”

For more information on this study or to screen online, visit, call 225-763-3000 or email

About the Pennington Biomedical Research Center

The Pennington Biomedical Research Center is at the forefront of medical discovery as it relates to understanding the triggers of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and dementia. The Center architected the national “Obecity, USA” awareness and advocacy campaign to help solve the obesity epidemic by 2040. The Center conducts basic, clinical, and population research, and is affiliated with LSU.

The research enterprise at Pennington Biomedical includes over 480 employees within a network of 40 clinics and research laboratories, and 13 highly specialized core service facilities. Its scientists and physician/scientists are supported by research trainees, lab technicians, nurses, dietitians, and other support personnel. Pennington Biomedical a state-of-the-art research facility on a 222-acre campus in Baton Rouge.

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