Health Improvement, Lifestyle Intervention

SmartIntake is a smartphone-based application or app, used to remotely deliver accurate estimates of food and and nutrient intake among adults.

Using SmartIntake, food intake data are collected while people live in their home environments. To collect food intake data, use the SmartIntake app to capture images of their food selection and plate waste in real time (SmartIntake relies on the smartphone’s camera).

The participant labels the food selection images that are ambiguous, such as foods that do not include a package or brand name, with a brief descriptor (for example, “fried chicken”) that can be entered into the app via a text or voice recording. Foods can also be identified by SmartIntake’s barcode scanner, which is used to identify fruits and vegetables.

The images are then sent to a server using the smartphone’s wireless network, where the images are analyzed to estimate food selection, plate waste, and food intake (such as calories, macronutrients and micronutrients).

Potential users include: researchers, clinicians and healthcare providers, the general public in “direct to consumer” applications.


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