Clinical Trials FAQs

  1. Are you open for holidays?
    • We are closed for the following holidays: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Mardi Gras, Good Friday, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday) and from Christmas Eve until New Years.
  2. What are the clinic hours?
    • The clinic is open from 7am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday. Study Specific visits may be available outside of these hours. Screening visits to begin studies are generally between 7am and 9am.
  3. Are we able to get an doctors excuse for work or school?
    • Yes. Upon departure of your visit, you can request an excuse letter from the clinic front desk.
  4. When do studies start/end?
    • The start date for studies will vary, depending on the date of your screening visit and availability for enrollment.
  5. How long will each study be available?
    • Study availability will vary. Most studies have a target enrollment goal and will be open until that goal is met.
  6. Are you open on the weekends?
    • No, we are open Monday through Friday from 7am to 3:30pm.
  7. What hours are the fitness center open for study participants?
    • Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 7:00pm. Exercise sessions are by appointment only and may vary by study.
  8. Are siblings or family members able to participate in the same study?
    • Each study will have different criteria. If you are interested in having a sibling or member of the same household participate in a study, the recruitment team can discuss the options when screening for the study.
  9. How do I join a study?
    • Please visit to see a complete list of our current studies. If there is a specific study you are interested in, click “Get Started” at the bottom of the description, to begin the screening process. If you need additional assistance, please call 225-763-3000 or email
  10. Does it cost anything to participate in a study?
    • No, there is no cost to participate. Compensation may be offered for participating in a study.
  11. What if I have vacations planned during the study time frame?
    • The recruitment team can delay your screening visit until you return from your vacation or the study team can discuss the options at the screening visit. Please make sure to discuss any up and coming vacations with the study staff, prior to enrollment.
  12. Why did I not qualify for the study?
    • You did not meet the study specific criteria. Study criteria includes, but not limited to, age, BMI, medications and health.
  13. How to find out why I didn’t qualify?
  14. Where is Pennington Biomedical Research Center Located?
    • We are located at 6400 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70808. Directions and a campus map can be found on our Contact Page.
  15. Does Pennington Biomedical Research Center have multiple locations?
    • We do not have multiple locations. Some studies may be conducted in a community setting, but we do not have additional clinic locations.
  16. How do I get weekly emails about current studies?
    • To receive the weekly study emails, please visit our Sign Up Page.
  17. Can I participate in more than 1 study at a time?
    • Please speak to a member of the recruitment or study team to discuss options of enrolling in multiple studies. Each study has criteria that may or may not allow you to participate in other trials.
  18. I have completed a study, when will I get paid?
    • Payments are submitted to LSU by the study coordinator. It takes approximately 6 weeks for LSU to process the payment. If you have further questions, please direct questions to the study coordinator that is listed on your consent.
  19. How do I reschedule my study appointment?
    • Please call the Clinic Front Desk at 225-763-2672 to reschedule your appointment.
  20. Will you contact me about studies I may qualify for?
  21. What do I need to bring to my appointment?
    • Proof of identification is required: Driver’s license, picture ID, state ID, government issued document with name and date of birth or birth certificate.
    • For minors, a parent or legal guardian will need to provide:
    • Photo identification to confirm you are the child’s caregiver.
    • Copy of the child’s birth certificate and the child’s social security number.
    • If you are the legal guardian, you will need to bring a copy of the court documents that verify legal guardianship of the minor.
    • There may be additional items that the study will require. If you have questions on what is required at your visit, please contact the Clinic Front Desk at 225-763-2672.
  22. How do I request copies of my medical records?