December 2023 Publications

December 21, 2023

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BATON ROUGE – The following are recent publications by the researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. 

December 1, 2023

Health inequities and socioeconomic factors predicting the access to treatment for unruptured intracranial aneurysms in the USA in the last 20 years: interaction effect of race, gender, and insurance.
Kandregula S, Savardekar A, Beyl R, Caskey J, Terrell D, Adeeb N, Whipple SG, Newman WC, Toms J, Kosty J, Sharma P, Mayeaux EJ Jr, Cuellar H, Guthikonda B.
J Neurointerv Surg.

Effects of testosterone enanthate on aggression, risk-taking, competition, mood, and other cognitive domains during 28 days of severe energy deprivation.
Lieberman HR, Caldwell JA, Vartanian O, Carmichael OT, Karl JP, Berryman CE, Gadde KM, Niro PJ, Harris MN, Rood JC, Pasiakos SM.
Psychopharmacology (Berl).

DNA Methylation at ABCG1 and Long-term Changes in Adiposity and Fat Distribution in Response to Dietary Interventions: The POUNDS Lost Trial.
Li X, Shao X, Kou M, Wang X, Ma H, Grundberg E, Bazzano LA, Smith SR, Bray GA, Sacks FM, Qi L.
Diabetes Care.


December 5, 2023

The Longitudinal Associations of Body Dissatisfaction with Health and Wellness Behaviors in Midlife and Older Women
Kilpela LS, Hooper SC, Straud CL, Marshall VB, Verzijl CL, Stewart TM, Loera TT, Becker CB
Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health


December 11, 2023

Replacement of dietary carbohydrate with protein increases fat mass and reduces hepatic triglyceride synthesis and content in female obese Zucker rats.
Dawson MA, Hennigar SR, Shankaran M, Kelley AM, Anderson BJ, Nyangau E, Field TJ, Evans WJ, Hellerstein MK, McClung JP, Pasiakos SM, Berryman CE.
Physiol Rep.


December 13, 2023

Editorial: Nutrition, sarcopenia, and sarcopenic obesity.
Berger NA, Yang M, Chan YM, Axelrod CL, Sikalidis AK, Hu W, Kang L.
Front Nutr.


December 15, 2023

An optimized method for gene knockdown in differentiating human and mouse adipocyte cultures.
Chua R, Ghosh S.


December 28, 2023

A feasibility study of the combination of intranasal insulin with oral semaglutide for cognition in older adults with metabolic syndrome at high dementia risk- Study rationale and design.
Davidy T, Yore I, Cukierman-Yaffe T, Ravona-Springer R, Livny A, Lesman-Segev OH, Azuri Y, Carmichael O, Kapogiannis D, Zetterberg H, Lin H, Sano M, Beeri MS.
Mech Ageing Dev.


December 29, 2023

Effects of Exercise Training on ANGPTL3/8 and ANGPTL4/8 and their Associations with Cardiometabolic Traits.
Hoffmann WG, Chen YQ, Schwartz CS, Barber JL, Dev PK, Reasons RJ, Miranda Maravi JS, Armstrong B, Gerszten RE, Silbernagel G, Konrad RJ, Bouchard C, Sarzynski MA.
J Lipid Res.

Renal Epithelial Mitochondria: Implications for Hypertensive Kidney Disease.
Stadler K, Ilatovskaya DV.
Compr Physiol. 

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