KEE Study

Study Type


Study Purpose

The purpose of this research study is to determine the effect of a ketogenic diet (a diet very high in fat and very low in carbohydrates) on energy expenditure, body composition, appetite and circulating hormone levels.

Study Design

Number of visits:

  • 3 Screening visits
  • 1 week outpatient run in
  • 8-9 week inpatient stay

Study procedures:

  • Blood draws
  • Accelerometers
  • Daily exercise on a stationary bicycle
  • Metabolic chamber
  • DXA
  • BodPod
  • Doubly Labeled Water and Total Body Water
  • 24 hour urine and stool collection
  • Appetite tests

Eligible participants will have a 1 week outpatient run-in.  During this time they must eat breakfast at Pennington Biomedical every day and take the rest of their meals to-go.  This is followed by an 8-9 week inpatient stay.  Participants will not be allowed to leave the inpatient unit.  During the first 4-5 weeks, participants will eat a diet similar in composition to a regular American diet.  During the last 4 weeks, participants will eat a ketogenic diet.  Diet and exercise will be strictly controlled throughout the study. All study procedures will be provided at no cost to participants.

Study Qualifications

Study Duration

3 months


Earn up to $10,830 for participation

Study Contact

If you are interested in volunteering for the KEE study, click here to screen online, call 225-763-3000 or email

If you think you may be eligible, please click the button below to screen online.


Please do not fill out this questionnaire for anyone other than yourself unless you are their legal guardian.
If you know someone who may be interested please direct them to the site or have them call us directly at 225-763-3000.


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