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Louisiana is officially on the Move!

Released: Saturday, October 02, 2004

Hundreds of residents lined up at the Women's Wellness Day at the Pennington Center on Saturday to pledge to be more active. Louisiana on the Move is a statewide effort designed to get Louisianans more active in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program, which officially kicked off today, allows participants to log on to the Louisiana on the Move Web site - a first step toward a more active lifestyle. Louisiana on the Move is an affiliate of America on the Move, a national grassroots effort to combat the obesity crisis in the United States. Louisiana on the Move and America on the Move are programs that encourage and teach a lifestyle of daily walking, by introducing easy ways to walk and even lose weight. When participants log in to the Web site, they may input the number of steps walked each day, input their caloric intake, and get food and exercise tips.

To register or get more information, log on to the Louisiana on the Move Web site:


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