Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or just want to learn how to live a healthier life? Pennington Biomedical Research Center invites people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in the exciting research studies being conducted here at the Center. The studies are at no charge to you, and many of them offer compensation for volunteers who participate.


Every health treatment, every cure, every drug on the market today came to us because of people like you helped move science forward. Pennington Biomedical has 20+ clinical trials underway on the cutting edge of medicine. We need the help of 1,000+ volunteers to get the job done.

Be on the front lines of a healthier Louisiana. Click on a study below or call 225-763-3000 to learn how you can be a volunteer!

If you don't see a trial that fits your interests or needs, click here to complete a questionnaire and we will contact you about future studies you may qualify for.

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Study Name
APECS - 26 month mild cognitive impairment study
Apple & Pear - 6 month general health study for women
Bodhi Body - 1 year general health study for females with body image concerns
CADENCE-KIDS - 1 day physical activity study for children and adolescents
CONTROL DM - 8-11 week diabetes study
Cranberry - 10 week pre-diabetes study
D2d - Multi-year pre-diabetes study
DRIVE - 5 month pediatric study
EPOCH - 20 month Alzheimer's Disease study
EVAD - 34 week Alzheimer's study
GRADE - Multi-year type 2 diabetes study
Mom2Baby Pilot - 4 month women's health study
MomEE - 18 month women's health study
Noble - 56 week Alzheimer's study
Power - 4 Month Weight Loss Study for Adolescents
PRIDE - 9 month women's health study for females diagnosed with gestational diabetes
PULSE - 10 month women's health study for females diagnosed with PCOS
Samsung BIA System Validation - 1 Day General Health Study
STARCH - 4 month "pre-diabetes" prevention study
Timed Eating - 4 month nutrition study


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