T-32: Obesity: From Genes to Man

Participating Faculty

Faculty Member Research Interests
Hans-Rudolf Berthoud, Ph.D. Neural control of food intake
Claude Bouchard, Ph.D. Genetics of obesity and human performance
Phillip J. Brantley, Ph.D. Behavioral obesity management
Owen Carmichael, Ph.D.

Brain and metabolism imaging in chronic disease

William Cefalu, M.D.               Type II diabetes; Clinical and basic science studies
Catherine Champagne, Ph.D., R.D. Dietary counseling and dietary intake assessment
Kenneth Eilertsen, Ph.D. SCNT and epigenetic reprogramming; embryonic and fetal programming in utero
Elizabeth Floyd, Ph.D. Protein turnover mediated by the ubiquitin-proteasome system and pathway
Kishore Gadde, M.D.

Heart disease prevention

Thomas W. Gettys, Ph.D. Central and peripheral signaling pathways in obese animals
Steven Heymsfield, M.D. Energy regulation, weight loss treatments, co-morbidity effects; and development of methods for evaluating body composition and application of new technologies such as fMRA and PET
Daniel Hsia, M.D.

Prevention and intervention strategies for diabetes and obesity with translation of approved pediatric therapies

William Johnson, Ph.D. Biostatistics
Claudia Kappen, Dr.rer.nat. Mechanisms by which maternal disease and nutrition affects embryo development; subsequent developmental biology and health implications
Abba Kastin, M.D. Blood brain barrier; transport system across the BBB and leptin resistence; brain peptides
Peter Katzmarzyk, Ph.D Epidemiology and public health impact of obesity and physical inactivity
Jeffery Keller, Ph.D. Metabolism in brain aging and Alzheimer's disease
Corby Martin, Ph.D. Energy intake and expenditure, and novel weight loss and weight gain prevention strategies (e.g., telehealth and e-Health interventions)
Christopher Morrison, Ph.D. Neuronal signaling and regulation of feeding behavior, body weight homeostasis, reproduction, growth, and metabolism
Heike Muenzberg-Gruening, Ph.D. Central leptin signaling; interaction of melanocortin and leptin signaling and pathways
Randall Mynatt, Ph.D. Agouti protein and adipose tissue function
Robert Newton, Ph.D. Physical activity and ethnic minority health; activity measurement and promotion
Tuomo Rankinen, Ph.D. Human genomics; genetic and molecular basis of human variation in responsiveness to exercise training
Eric Ravussin, Ph.D. Genetic and molecular basis of obesity and its co-morbidities, such as type 2 diabetes mellitus; skeletal and metabolic studies of obesity, aging, and human performance
Brenda S. Richards, Ph.D. Genetics of diet macronutrient selection
Richard C, Rogers, Ph.D. Brainstem regulation of gastric function
Krisztian Stadler, Ph.D. In vivo role of free radicals - reactive oxygen and nitrogen species - with emphasis on developing stage of diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance
Jacqueline Stephens, Ph.D.

Activation and function of STAT proteins in adipocytes

Tiffany Stewart, Ph.D. Body image, eating disorders and obesity; Technology based assessment and intervention programs, treatment and prevention
Jianping Ye, M.D. Antioxidant and gene regulation with focus on tumor immunity