The Division of Education directs training programs for Pennington Biomedical’s postdoctoral fellows. These programs are designed to train fellows to become productive research scientists capable of establishing independent scientific careers in biomedical research. Many of our fellows are sponsored by NIH Institutional Postdoctoral Training Grants.

Candice Myers, Ph.D.

Ingestive Behavior | Contextual Risk Factors

Ph.D. (2012) Sociology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Martin, Corby K.

Current Research:
Geographic connection between contextual measures of socioeconomic well-being and chronic disease prevalence. Multilevel determinants of health behaviors and risk factors. Development of e-Health intervention to address postpartum weight loss. Application of novel methodology to capture energy intake in free-living and controlled environments.

Other Research Interests:
Understanding how geographically-based features of the contextual environment influence the energy balance equation and moderate the response in target health behaviors and risk factors to study-based interventions. Continued development of e-Health technologies for use in interventions to collect, organize, and analyze energy intake data.