The Division of Education directs training programs for Pennington Biomedical’s postdoctoral fellows. These programs are designed to train fellows to become productive research scientists capable of establishing independent scientific careers in biomedical research. Many of our fellows are sponsored by NIH Institutional Postdoctoral Training Grants.

Amanda E. Staiano, Ph.D.

Physical Activity & Obesity Epidemiology Lab

PhD, 2010, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., USA

Katzmarzyk, Peter T.

Current Research:
Epidemiology of pediatric obesity and its cardiometabolic risks

Other Research Interests:
Clinical, behavioral and socio-demographic determinants and correlates of childhood obesity and its ensuing cardiometabolic risks; Causes and consequences of depot-specific adiposity in youth, including how sex, race/ethnicity, maturational stage, physical activity, and sedentary media use affect fat distribution and accumulation; The use of direct measures of adiposity, including MRI and DXA, to show how children accumulate excess adiposity and the subsequent health consequences that occur during adolescence and into adulthood.