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Functional Foods

A functional food can be defined as any food or dietary component which provides health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Currently, there are many foods and dietary components under investigation for health benefits beyond the nutrition they offer. For each of these, we provide a brief overview of recent research and relate the findings to potential health benefits.

PNS Name Full Brief
Blueberries Download Download
Botanicals for Health Download
Cinnamon Download
Cocoa Polyphenols Download Download
Coconut Oil Download
Coffee Download
Conjugated Linoleic Acid Download Download
Cranberries Download
Cruciferous Vegetables Download Download
Flaxseeds Download
Garlic Download Download
Ginger Download Download
Ginkgo Biloba Download Download
Ginseng Download Download
Green Tea (Metabolic Effects)   Download
Green Tea (Other Benefits) Download
Green Tea (weight loss) Download Download
Hidden Fats Download
Lutein Download Download
Lycopene Download Download
Omega 3 Fatty Acids Download Download
Plant Sterols Download Download
Probiotics Download
Resveratrol Download
RiceBran Download Download
Soy Isoflavones Download Download
Tarragon Download Download
Trans Fats Download Download
Turmeric Download
What's in the Drink Download