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State of the World’s Plants and Their Untapped Potential

James s. Miller, pHd

James S. Miller, PhD is the Vice President for Science and Conservation at the Missouri Botanical Garden, which has one of the three largest plant science programs in the world, one of the world’s largest herbaria (a library of plant specimens), and one of the world’s best botanical libraries. In his work at the Garden, Dr. Miller manages a portfolio of international research and conservation projects that all address environmental issues in a world of rapid global change. Dr. Miller is an authority on the systematics of the plant group Boraginales, a group of ten families and about 2,500 species that are widely scattered throughout the world. He is also involved with tropical floristic, efforts to explore and catalog plants of poorly known tropical regions and his work has focused on Latin America and tropical parts of Africa and Madagascar. He is actively involved with using information from his research to inform conservation initiatives, including which species are in most need of our attention to ensure their future survival and how they can adapt to a changing climate. He also has extensive experience working in collaborative partnerships to discover new pharmaceutical, agricultural, and nutritional products from plants.