The Pennington Biomedical Research Center’s Division of Education continues its successful partnering with the LSU Agricultural Center and its division of education, the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service.

The Extension Service plays a unique role in both rural and urban parishes in Louisiana. It is an agency devoted to providing research-based outreach education. The objective of the partnership is to provide an effective, efficient means of disseminating information and advice to the public, through parish extension agents. The partnership focuses on all aspects of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center’s nutrition research findings by ensuring that the results of research are translated into practical recommendations that are made available immediately to the community.

Dr. Heli Roy from the LSU Ag Center was appointed to the position of Outreach Coordinator and charged with providing culture-specific research information to Extension agents across Louisiana. The collaboration has resulted in the publication of a series of fact sheets entitled “Pennington Nutrition Series” that are made available to extension agents across Louisiana to be used for nutrition education and outreach.

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