Ingestive Behavior Laboratory Laboratory


  • Corby Martin, Ph.D.
  • John Apolzan, PhD


The goal of this laboratory is to understand the regulation of energy balance and to develop, test, and disseminate effective weight management interventions.


The Ingestive Behavior Lab specializes in the measurement of energy balance. Using cutting-edge technology, such as smartphones, we are developing new methods for measuring energy intake, energy expenditure, and body weight in patients’ homes. These data can be wirelessly transferred from patients’ homes to our server where the information is synthesized to develop treatment recommendations that are delivered to the patient via traditional clinic-based interventions or remotely via smartphone-based interventions. The aim of our interventions is to improve health through changes in eating and exercise habits, with a focus on weight management. We also conduct laboratory and free-living studies to determine the precise effect of behavioral, lifestyle, and pharmacological interventions on energy intake, energy expenditure, and body weight.