Emily Qualls-Creekmore, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


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Ph.D., Comparative Biomedical Sciences, Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine, 2013

M.A., Psychology, University of West Florida, 2008

B.A., Psychology, University of West Florida, 2004


Feeding disorders often present with comorbidities of affective disorders such as anxiety and depression; however, the neurobiology forming this connection is not well understood. The lateral hypothalamus is a brain region which is an established regulator of feeding behavior. We recently identified a subset of neurons in the lateral hypothalamus which potently modulate feeding, stress, and anxiety-related behavior. Current efforts in the lab use advanced viral approaches including chemogenetics, optogenetics, and fiber photometry to dissect the molecular and anatomical substrates which contribute to the role of the lateral hypothalamus in feeding, stress, and affective behavior.


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