George Bray, M.D.

Boyd Professor
Chief, Division of Clinical Obesity and Metabolism
Professor Emeritus

Assoc Exec Dir for Clinical Science
Behavior Modification Clinical Trials

(225) 763-3045
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M.D., Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, 1953-57


Dr. Bray is an internationally recognized researcher whose major research interests have been in obesity and diabetes at both the experimental and clinical level. His grant funding is for the Diabetes Prevention Program, a multi-center NIH funded trial that is studying strategies for reducing the conversion to diabetes of people at high risk for diabetes; for the Look AHEAD multi-center trial, also funded by NIH, asking whether reducing body weight will impact overall health risk in diabetics; and for an experimental study comparing two strains of animals, one which become obese eating a high fat diet, and one which does not.


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