Cell Biology, Cell Imaging and Cell Culture Core


  • David Burk, Ph.D.


The mission of this core is to provide cell culture facilities, equipment, and expertise to investigators requiring such services, as well as, state-ofthe- art bioimaging-, histological-, and flow cytometry-related instrumentation and support to facilitate data collection and analysis by current and future Pennington Biomedical PIs and their staff.


The cell culture core provides investigators the opportunity to use equipment dedicated to cell and tissue culture needs with part-time personnel support and maintenance. Cell cultures can be developed from human and animal tissues and employed as disease models relevant to cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, neurological, obesity, and stem cell research. The facility includes the following shared equipment: biological safety cabinets (4), humidified incubators (3), microscopes (2) and a digital camera system, automated carbon dioxide manifold, water baths, balances, pH meter, liquid nitrogen cryotanks for cell storage, and freezer/refrigerators for storage of reagents. All users of the facility and their personnel will be required to complete mandatory training with the PBRC Safety Officer before they begin their work. The cell culture core facility is under controlled access. The core includes a dedicated room available within for the use of viral vectors requiring Biological Safety Level 2 control or radioisotopes. Contact the core directors to inquire about the conduct of such studies in advance.

For more information, visit our core website: http://labs.pbrc.edu/cellbiology/