Transgenics Core


  • Randall Mynatt, Ph.D.
  • Bolormaa Vandanmagsar, Ph.D.


The Transgenic Core currently produces mice for faculty at Pennington Biomedical Research Center as well as investigators at other institutions. The Transgenic Core utilizes pronuclear microinjection with CRISPR cas9 strategies and traditional embryonic stem cell technologies to control gene expression in mice. The mission of the core is to offer a “turn-key service” for new animal models at PBRC that will allow for the controlled manipulation of gene expression (knock-in point mutations, knock-in of cre recombinase, knock-in of floxed transcriptional blockers, and knock-in of human cDNA, into homologous mouse genes etc) and facilitate investigators in understanding gene function. The core strives to provide services at prices that are below those that are commercially available.


Director: Randall Mynatt Ph.D.
Transgene and targeting vector preparation and Gene Targeting: Jingying Zhang, Ph.D., Estrellita Bermudez, MS.
Embryo injection: Dieyun Ding, BS

Services Provided

Transgenic and Knockout Services

    1. Vector design
    2. Vector construction
    3. ES cell Targeting
    4. In vitro testing of constructs
    5. Pronuclear and Blastocysts Injection

Breeding and Genotyping

    1. Breeding Chimeric for germ line transmission
    2. DNA isolation and PCR
    3. Removal of selectable marker

New procedures in development

  1. Cryopreservation and IVF
  2. CRISPR and other new targeting strategies

For More information and pricing contact Randall Mynatt 225-767-3100.