Outpatient Clinic Core



The Outpatient Clinic supports adult and pediatric clinical trials by screening volunteers and collecting research data. Screening involves visits in the clinic for those who pass the initial telephone screening by the Recruitment Core.


The Outpatient Clinic Core supports clinical trials by recruiting participants, scheduling screenings, and collecting research data. Screening is a three-step process from initial phone screening to determine study eligibility, more extensive screening in the clinic with body measurements and blood sampling to the physical exam for subjects passing these initial screening steps.

The Outpatient Clinical Core is on the first floor of the clinical research building which occupies 16,485 square feet of space plus four trailer annexes housing 22 offices, two conference rooms and ten examination rooms, two of which are new. The core has a conference room, three eating monitors and a phlebotomy laboratory as well as three electrocardiogram rooms, three weight and blood pressure stalls and four interview rooms, all of which are newly created.

The Outpatient Clinic employs 40 people: an administrator, a quality assurance specialist, two physicians, a physician assistant, three recruiters, a public relations specialist, ten nurses, seven study coordinators, three dietitians, a medical record librarian with two assistants, five secretarial personnel, a data entry supervisor and two part-time pharmacists. The clinic has access to an eating monitor laboratory to measure food intake and an ultrasound facility to evaluate heart valves and blood vessels.